» Exterior


With its sophisticated, modern and integrated design, the GEN-F2 Grange is Australia’s ultimate performance limousine.

The Grange is fitted standard with:

  • AP ventilated discs with forged 4-piston calipers
  • 20" x 8.5" (front) and 20" x 9.5" (rear) Luxury forged wheels in Dark Stainless
  • LED Tail Lamps
  • Fog lamps
  • Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs)
  • Xenon headlamps
  • HSV Shockwave Exhaust Outlets
  • HSV Luxury Body Design
  • HSV side-skirts
  • Luxury Lip Rear Spoiler
  • HSV Gen-F Grange Wheels


    The Grange features stylish 20" x 8.5" (front) and 20" x 9.5" (rear) Luxury forged alloy wheels in Dark Stainless.

  • HSV Gen-F Grange Rear

    Rear Design

    The Grange features HSV Shockwave Exhaust Outlets and LED tail lamps, along with a Luxury Lip Spoiler making it not only powerful, but stylish and polished.

  • HSV Gen-F Grange Daytime Running Lamps

    Daytime Running Lamps

    The high intensity LED 'Daytime Running Lamps' provide a visual presence that is not only striking, but also benefits customers in terms of safety.



» Interior



The premium interior of the GEN-F2 Grange ensures the drive is as comfortable as it is exhilarating.

The Grange features:

  • Driver Preference Dial
  • HSV Luxury Seats in Onyx Leather Trim
  • 8-way electric adjustment of driver and front passenger seat with Driver's seat position memory for up to 3 drivers
  • Front seat heaters
  • Multifunction, leather wrap sports profile steering wheel with height and reach adjust
  • Unique HSV Centre Console
  • Grange I.D. plate
  • Leather wrap gear selector
  • Alloy faced pedals
  • Premium BOSE® audio with 9 speakers
  • Dual Zone Climate Control
HSV Gen-F Grange Entertainment


The GEN-F2 Grange features an 8" high-resolution, colour touch-screen display along with USB input, Single CD player with the capability to play MP3 tracks, Full iPod® integration and a 9-Speaker BOSE® premium audio system.


Enhanced Bluetooth©

The Bluetooth fitted standard to the GEN-F2 Grange is fully integrated so keeping in touch, while on the move, has never been easier.

» Technology


Blind Zone Alert


The Side Blind Zone Alert system extends driver vision, using ultrasonic waves to detect objects adjacent to the vehicle in the traditional "blind spot" zones. Reverse Traffic Alert intuitively scans rear cross traffic and warns you of any approaching vehicle hazards.

Head Up Display


The Head-Up Display provides the driver with important vehicle information including speedometer, tachometer and lateral G forces, in a safe and convenient way on the windscreen directly in front of them.

  • Passive Entry and Remote Start

    Passive entry is a keyless access system which lets you lock and unlock the vehicle’s doors without removing the remote from your pocket, briefcase etc.

    The GEN-F2 Grange also features remote start which allows the vehicle’s engine to be started from outside the vehicle by using the remote start button found on the remote key.

  • Automatic Park Assist

    The Automatic Park Assist system helps take the guess work out of reversing into tight parking spaces through the use of parking sensors located in the front and rear fascias. The sensors detect the suitability of a parking space, calculate the correct drive path and steer the vehicle into position. All that is left for the driver to do is control the accelerator, brakes, transmission and clutch (in manual vehicles).

  • Forward Collision Alert

    A camera, located above the rear view mirror, scans the road ahead up to 14 times per second. When a collision is predicted, the driver is alerted with an audible tone and a visible alert in the Head Up Display. Anticipating hard braking, the system applies sufficient brake pressure to close the space between the brake pads and rotors, thus delivering a quicker brake response time.

  • Lane Departure Warning

    Lane Departure Warning alerts the driver to any unintentional lane departures with an audible sound and warning indicator.

  • Rain Sensing Wipers

    Rain Sensing Wipers are a convenience feature in that the windscreen wipers will operate when water is detected on the windscreen without the driver having to manually operate them.

  • Hill Start Assist/Hill Hold Control

    The Hill Start Assist system assists in preventing rollback when taking off, when the vehicle is on an incline or decline (when reversing).

Performance Technologies

HSV Gen-F Grange LS3 Engine

LS3 Engine

The GEN-F2 Grange features an impressive 340kW of power and 570Nm of torque (DIN). The Bi-Modal air intake system, High-flow headers, Bi-Modal induction module, and catalytic converters, along with a High Flow Bi-Modal exhaust system with x-pipe intermediate, combined to maximise the power from the LS3 engine.

  • HSV Gen-F Grange Driver Preference Dial

    Driver Preference Dial

    The Driver Preference Dial allows the driver to manipulate the vehicle's various electronic performance systems according to a range of distinct pre-set modes.

  • HSV Gen-F2 Grange AP Brakes

    AP Brakes

    The GEN-F2 Grange features a 4-piston brake package which was developed using NASCAR and V8 Supercar technologies. This brake package offers an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio along with superior brake feel and performance.

  • HSV Gen-F Grange Continental Tyres

    Continental Tyres

    The ContiSportContact 5P tyres, custom tuned for the HSV range, provide superior levels of ride quality and road grip in both dry and wet weather conditions.

HSV Gen-F2 Grange Generation 3 Magnetic Ride Control (MRC)

Generation 3 Magnetic Ride Control (MRC)

Generation 3 MRC is a semiactive suspension system that allows damping to be adjusted in the blink of an eye to deliver greater body control, sharper handling and superior ride quality.

There are 2 independent settings on Grange: "Touring" and "Sport".

  • Electric Power Steering

    Electric Power Steering, with 2 modes, matches steering calibration with ESC settings, providing a new level of "feel" through the steering wheel that can be changed to suit driving preferences.

  • Competition Mode - Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

    Competition Mode ESC is specifically designed to give the driver more freedom under 'spirited' driving conditions.


    The GEN-F2 Grange features a 6L80E 6-speed automatic transmission with Active Select and Paddle Shifters which enable manual-like gear changes.

» Options


HSV Gen-F2 Grange SV Rapier Forged Alloy Wheel


20" x 8.5" SV Rapier forged alloy front wheel in Dark Stainless (255/35 R20 tyre). 20" x 9.5" SV Rapier forged alloy rear wheel in Dark Stainless (275/35 R20 tyre).

Enhanced Driver Interface(EDI)


EDI connects with the vehicle's on-board computer to constantly stream real-time vehicle dynamics and performance data to the touch screen display.

  • Sunroof

    The factory fitted electric sunroof features tilt and slide functions and a block out sunshade.

  • Temporary Spare Wheel

    Full size, 20" temporary spare wheel in gloss black. (Note: Tyre Pressure Monitor is not available on the Temporary Spare Wheel.)


» Safety


Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)

ABS reduces wheel lock under heavy braking situations by momentarily releasing brake pressure at the wheels required. This improves stopping distances on most surfaces, improves braking efficiency and enables better steering in demanding braking conditions.

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

    Exclusively calibrated by HSV, the GEN-F2 Grange's ESC system monitors steering wheel angle and speed to make turning corners safer. If loss of traction occurs, ESC activates to apply brake pressure to individual wheels and, if necessary, reduces engine power.

  • Electronic Brake Assist (EBA)

    In emergency braking situations, few people apply the required pressure to the brake pedal. EBA activates to optimise brake pressure performance.

  • DataDots

    DataDot DNA Platinum is the ultimate deterrent to both "professional" car thieves and component counterfeiters or supplier overruns. Thousands of DataDot DNA are applied to each GEN-F2 vehicle, all of them marked with the unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).


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